Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day!

it started sunday night and into early monday morning...since we're in the south 2-4 inches of snow means no school or work :/ no one was gonna go sliding down the hill :P so here's some snow day pics :) kids loved it...i had enough for this year...i'm not a big snow person ...once a year for one day is enough...there's still some out there and i'm ready for it be leave ...and spring to come already ;) i don't care for cold temps at all :P

Kim took some Christmas Pics :)

Kim came out and took some pics of the kids for Christmas was a nice day outside but the big boys really didn't want to have their pics taken :/ but she still managed to get a few of them...this was sunset :)

Merry Christmas!

a few picture of Christmas and Christmas eve to share...of course i can't post them all ;)

Will using the front door

the boys loved the top

Ethan got a top! ;)

Christian got what he has wanted for years!

Silly Will

We wasn't sure if he was scared or happy...he was happy...he loves this toy!

Christmas eve- fake sleepers :P

Christian got bulleyes to go with woody finally ;)

Lily got her lalaloopsy doll she didn't think she'd get ;)

ready to go to christmas eve dinner

Lily all ready for Christmas eve dinner and wanting her picture taken ;)

Progress as of Januray 14 ;)

We have power in the addition! (which is what they did on a snow day)
here's a few more pics...they're still taping and mudding the sheet rock...this is a very slow process :/ and illness and freezing weather isn't helping things get done :/ but Billy did get the floor insulation in :) yay! no freezing floor! for now they use space heaters till they get it open up to the main area :)

Progress from December

Will's room

papaw showing Ethan how to cover nail/screw holes

papaw showing Aidian how to cover nail/screw holes

living room

Billy being silly :P

ceiling is up

Billy putting up ceiling

start of the sheet rock going up the hard way...having to do it yourself instead of getting to hire someone :/